Mother, Mother Ocean

Pilot whales sing in happier days It made them crazy, drove them mad - that sound, that unholy cacophony. Twice as loud as a jet engine, louder than artillery - louder than any naturally occurring oceanic noise. Emitted by a low frequency underwater sonar array used by our US Navy to detect submarines. Testing of... Continue Reading →

The Marsh

  I ready the boat for another cruise down Village Creek to the Hampton River and return. It's a short cruise, less than two hours, and the wine and beer are complimentary. We only have nine aboard tonight, it will be a quiet, introspective trip. I spin the big boat off the dock to face... Continue Reading →

Dolphin Magic

Excited, Manaaki swims fast, flips her strong tail, digs hard into the water, and accelerates The humming noisemaker is coming! She and little sister Anahera tear through the brown water toward the thrumming, pulsating buzz. They surface, blow and inhale, draw a bead on the tubby white boat making its way up the river ahead... Continue Reading →

Down the River

"I choose to listen to the river for a while, thinking river thoughts, before joining the night and the stars." Edward Abbey Tiny raindrops, grown around specks of dust ten thousand feet high in super-heated cumulo-nimbus drop flipping and flopping to red dirt in central Georgia. They fall as flat lozenges, not the more aerodynamic... Continue Reading →

Requiem for The Brothers

Gregg Allman rests in Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon Georgia near his brother Duane and Berry Oakley. They lie yards from Soldiers Square where Macon buried 600 of her Confederate war dead. Their view is of a shaded lawn, leading down to the railroad and river - Southbound. A memorial is under construction and two... Continue Reading →

Sailing to Shambala

As a young boy, I would look over the golden pastures of the farm where I lived out to the dark woods 1/4 mile away and wonder what was on the other side. I wondered how far past those woods was Viet Nam - jet airplanes spraying napalm and marines pot shotting over stone walls. How... Continue Reading →

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