Requiem for The Brothers

Gregg Allman rests in Rose Hill Cemetery in Macon Georgia near his brother Duane and Berry Oakley. They lie yards from Soldiers Square where Macon buried 600 of her Confederate war dead. Their view is of a shaded lawn, leading down to the railroad and river - Southbound. A memorial is under construction and two... Continue Reading →

Sailing to Shambala

As a young boy, I would look over the golden pastures of the farm where I lived out to the dark woods 1/4 mile away and wonder what was on the other side. I wondered how far past those woods was Viet Nam - jet airplanes spraying napalm and marines pot shotting over stone walls. How... Continue Reading →

Paddling with Dave

"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create." - Buddha Clown car lawyers grin into cyclops cameras, their brutal intent disguised as entertainment. They rule the world, do these greed-heads. They worship money and power and never have enough of either. Crazy Dave dances like a sugar bear, wild-eyed, laughing... Continue Reading →

Graceland Mist

Lovers, we clung to each other and wondered what insane mischevious god was this fate? I knew him before a heart attack stole his ability to move. Back then, he lived to drive, to travel, to keep running fast. Now, immobile, trapped, he struggles, waves his arms and legs in the air like a bee on its... Continue Reading →

Storm Warning

Engulfed by charlatans, chaos, and confusion - we gotta go –  we gotta leave now before it's too late. Truth is dead, evil is virtue, compassion is weakness, hope is buried, confusion rampant. Money and power all that matter.  "But that ain't us, is it darling? I pull her close, give her a kiss and a hug... Continue Reading →

Road Tune

I look for America on the road in my gear jamming past. Softened by love, with the top down, thru a million stars in a velvet night sky I cartwheel across heaven. Townes plays on the box - a drunken wavering real-country baritone. Under a torn creosote bush in a desert draw; across island-dotted, sun-spangled straits; in... Continue Reading →

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