Road Tune

I look for America on the road in my gear jamming past. Softened by love, with the top down, thru a million stars in a velvet night sky I cartwheel across heaven. Townes plays on the box - a drunken wavering real-country baritone. Under a torn creosote bush in a desert draw; across island-dotted, sun-spangled straits; in... Continue Reading →

Zombie Flu

I am brought low by a diabolical bacillus. The influenza virus hijacks my cells and replicates itself. Too late my immune system mobilizes to thwart the invaders. The detritus of the battle clogs my lungs and sinuses and I cough and sniffle, hack and wheeze. I can feel my sinuses glow as the offensive commences,... Continue Reading →

The Bitter Southerner – Broom Magic

The Bitter Southerner web journal is devoted to documenting and creating the South of today. Not the rebel flag flying hoo-rah South, but the South we know and live in. Below, is an example of the good work they do - explore the magic of the simple broom. And consider becoming a Bitter Southerner...... That... Continue Reading →


Afflicted and worn, I sat on the boat, warm under windless high cirrus - wishing. The Sound was glassed off and there was no sense taking her out just to exercise the motor, so I got on my trusty bicycle and pedaled from the marina to the island. We call it "the island" around here,... Continue Reading →

Loving Vincent

I saw a fascinating film last night about Vincent VanGogh entitled "Loving Vincent". I've long been fascinated by Vincent and have seen some of his works in person. Who can forget the Sunflower in the Met! The film is animated in Van Gogh's style by thousands of hand-painted images. It is old time animation done... Continue Reading →

Down South – A Love Song

I lived up in Waco before it was cool and then slipped down to Houston's fumes, flares and traffic. I was in N'Orleans after Katrina and watched Deepwater oil wash up on the beaches in Alabama. I sailed the Gulf Coast from Key West to Port Isabel, blasted windblown and laughing across Mobile, Galveston and... Continue Reading →

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