Loving Vincent

I saw a fascinating film last night about Vincent VanGogh entitled “Loving Vincent”. I’ve long been fascinated by Vincent and have seen some of his works in person. Who can forget the Sunflower in the Met!

The film is animated in Van Gogh’s style by thousands of hand-painted images. It is old time animation done in a post-impressionism style that intrigues and distracts. I thought it amazing, but I think Dawn was less impressed.

02C Wheat Field with Cypresses close up - Vincent van Gogh 1889 - New York Metropolitan Museum of Art

The story is about a young man who sets out to deliver a posthumous letter from Vincent to his brother Theo a year after Vincent’s death. Turns out Theo has also died which sends our hero on a sort of detective tale investigating the various theories surrounding Vincent’s suicide – or was it?

The animation switches deftly from black and white memories to colorful current events. The black and white sets a somber tone for the turbulent times of Vincent’s life while the vivid palette of the present shows a painting – a masterpiece – around every corner. As Vincent must have seen.

Close up VanGogh

In the end, as Marguerite Gachet says – “Does it matter? Why so interested in his death when you ignored him in life? He is still dead.” Indeed.

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