Afflicted and worn, I sat on the boat, warm under windless high cirrus – wishing. The Sound was glassed off and there was no sense taking her out just to exercise the motor, so I got on my trusty bicycle and pedaled from the marina to the island. We call it “the island” around here, though there are many of them. We all know which island it is.

I rode fast, burning off excess energy, humming the tunes playing in my headphones, across the island to the beach on the ocean side. I dropped down to low gear and ground along the beach to the point, found a nice tussock to sit on and absorbed the moments as they  ticked past – cured.

The next day – warm and windless again – Dawn and I loaded the kayak on the truck and lit out exploring. We drove South and then East and then a bit further South again to another quiet beach fronting the placid ocean. This, the southern tip of another golden island.


We combed the beach along the shore, then wandered further South to scout suitable locations for future adventures. The land here is kept safe from predatory developers and on the beautiful north shore of the river, we found a quiet little inlet and perfect dune-y beach. Dawn soaked up the sun, while I readied the boat and paddled out for a couple of hours. The ebb created a tough little current to negotiate and what seemed like small surf from the truck, was booming from the kayak. I stayed inside with a squadron of diving pelicans and a flotilla of green-headed teal.


This was no great adventure, no fabulous traverse, no life-threatening storm or encounter with a great and vast sea creature. This was not an epic struggle played out across an unforgiving wilderness. It was a simple, quiet time exploring the boundary between earth, sky and water, no big deal.

While not epic perhaps, days like these give me reason to believe.

It’s like this…..

I believe in sand between my toes. I believe in blue sky beach energy. I believe in pelican flight. I believe in warm sea-breezes and far horizons. I believe in surf riding dolphins. I believe in sand dollars, nautilus shells, seaweed, gulls, terns, plovers and turtles. I believe in tide and current, the love of sun and moon. I believe in bicycles, kayaks and sailboats. I believe in the actual over the virtual. I believe in outside.

Beached, I leave the dreadful phone and turn off the ever-caterwauling screens. I escape the noise, trivia and blather. I bare my feet, set my wild mind free, and fill it with thoughts beautiful and real as rainbows.








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