Coyote crossed 20 feet ahead from left to right, ears forward, intent on something ahead of him and to my right. He never looked at me. I shouted at him, he ignored me. I lowered my mountain bike to the ground, the clatter got his attention and he loped away looking over his shoulder. I... Continue Reading →

Me and Miss Fanny

Miss Fanny walks the dusty path atop the levee surrounding the rice fields on her husband - Pierce Butler’s - plantation near Darien, Georgia. She fingers and smells the astonishing palmetto, vine and fragrant flowers growing dense along the bank. A successful British actress, independent and headstrong, accustomed to the sophisticated parlors and manicured gardens... Continue Reading →

American Dream on a Western Flyer

I Pearl Jammed out of slushy, grimy New Yawk, took Stevie Ray thru rusted Pennsylvania steel and over them old, tamed federal rivers. I brought Dave Mathews aboard for the run down the sacred Shenendoah, and the Brothers time travel skipped me across Tennessee. Time to get gone - run, boy, run - a sweet... Continue Reading →

The Sea, The Yogi, Adam and Eve

The Sea is thumping and warm as bathwater. I duck the first wave and get a snootful of salty, warm saline. It is saltier than any seawater I have slurped before. There is a wicked rip and unpredictable cross currents. The surf is chest high, cockeyed, bouncy and I cannot predict where or when it... Continue Reading →

Art at the Met – Saving Grace

A friend told me she thought a storm was brewing within me, and she was right. The graceless politics of the current era ignited a smoldering anger that threatened to burst into flame and consume me. I needed a break from the constant “What tha?” moments dividing our country. So I went to the Met... Continue Reading →

Jaffa, Israel

When the sea breeze whistles off the Mediterranean through the streets of Jaffa, jade colored waves heap, foam and crash into the sea wall, and wash over Andromeda’s rocks as they have done since before Jonah. Andromeda’s rocks are a jumbled reef off the small Israeli port of Jaffa, one of the oldest ports in... Continue Reading →

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