This is My Church – Team Alula in the R2AK

Last July, I sailed Maravilla (my F27 trimaran) over to Port Townsend WA for the start of the Race to Alaska (R2AK). I wandered aimless around the boat basin before the start absorbing the carnival atmosphere. Boats and crews prepared, compared notes with competitors, nervous but resolute. I walked past a young man being interviewed... Continue Reading →

Maravilla (Mar-uh-vee-ya) = Wonder

  Maravilla is the name of my boat, my book, and an emotion. Maravilla is Spanish for wonder; a strange and lovely combination of joy, curiosity, and awe; a sense of the miraculous. To see infinity in the splash of the sea and the set of a sail is maravilla. Maravilla is a tonic, antidote... Continue Reading →

The Trimaran Blues

Yeah – so, it has come completely apart. That perfect scheme – the one that would put you over the top and let you sail free forever – has come to naught – crashed and burned. Thank God the boat remains. At least you had the foresight to keep her. That bullshit career – chimera,... Continue Reading →

To Sail A Trimaran

Ted taught me to sail a trimaran. We spent that summer trying to sink his Hobie 16. We put a 2×4 between the two bows to keep her from collapsing, but could feel the mushy deck and see her sides flex when we hiked. We never trapped out on that boat, afraid she would take... Continue Reading →

Trimaran Therapy

“I didn’t get sick, I died!” So said my good friend Greg when describing the massive heart attack he suffered six years ago. Lack of oxygen during the attack had caused significant brain damage, and now he couldn’t read, write or drive. Tall and gaunt, he walked with a shambling gate, held his left side... Continue Reading →

Sucia Island Reverie

The sun is moving south and the seasons are turning. The mornings are grey more often than not and cloudy days outnumber blue. I can feel the chill sinking into my bones as another long Pacific NorthWest winter approaches. It’s time to go sailing before the cloud blanket hides the sun until June. Planning for... Continue Reading →

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